10 Best Cryptocurrency Platforms

10 Best Cryptocurrency Platforms


According to statistics, around 19% of people (globally) own crypto coins and many of those people classify cryptocurrency as an official asset. The 10 Best Cryptocurrency platforms are reviewed in this article in no particular order of ranking.

The most popular and liquid cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Ripple. These coins can be converted into or exchanged for other coins or Fiat currencies.

Blockchain technology is used for Cryptocurrency and it has become increasingly popular because of its transparency, accessibility, security and immunity to Government control.



In 2017, Hong Kong launched Binance as a trading platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. This company has established a good reputation for itself and holds the loyalty of more than 10 million global users.

Binance is an affordable option for Crypto traders at all levels of experience. The app is user-friendly and flexible, including features such as Spot Trading, Future Trading and Margin Trading.

Binance investment opportunities include Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Chainlink, Dogecoin and many others.


Binance Features

  • Trading with 125x
  • Crypto margin trading facilities
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum can be bought directly from the platform
  • Rewards can be earned through Staking and Lending 
  • Binance card and crypto wallet available in EU to use with crypto-friendly suppliers
  • Withdrawals from multiple countries
  • Binance can be used as a universal Blockchain Wallet to store many different forms of digital currencies


Binance Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Affordable trading  Lack of indicators and charts feel outdated 
Easy withdrawals and cash out  Updates clash with software
User-friendly platforms  The mobile app seems delayed 
Hedging facilities  Verification is a slow process
Many currency pairs available  The design of the new version has poor reviews 




In 2013, Bitbuy was officially launched as a Canadian currency exchange platform. This Federal Government entity is an MSB (Money Services Businesses) and is registered by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada.

Bitbuy is an affordable currency trading platform, which aims to simplify digital trading processes and improve the user experience of exchanging virtual assets. 

The platform gives traders the option to use Brokers, choose from advanced trading options and do OTC trading.

Canadian crypto traders can use Bitbuy to transact with up to 6 different cryptocurrencies, namely Ether, Litecoin, Stellar, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.


Bitbuy Mobile App Features

  • Bitbuy wallets can securely store digital currencies
  • Digital currencies can be deposited or withdrawn from external wallets and exchange platforms
  • 24-hour charting, updated blog posts and accurate prices
  • Transaction records and account history can easily be viewed 


Bitbuy Features

  • Dark mode
  • Technical analysis 
  • Limit orders
  • Pro trading 
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Facial Recognition log in system
  • Updated coins & trading pairs


Bitbuy Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
User-friendly trading experience Customer support is delayed and unreliable
Secure and safe Some users complain about Recaptcha 
Easy to use for new crypto-traders  Users can only begin trading once they have been verified
Web and mobile platforms are identical  Pro trading cannot be used 
All fees are disclosed Only Canadians can access the platforms 
Good processing times on transactions 




In 2011, the Bitstamp crypto trading platform was developed and it has held an esteemed reputation amongst its European client base over the last decade.

Traders with all levels of experience can use Bitstamp platforms to work towards their cryptocurrency portfolio goals, using the innovative tools and features designed by the Bitstamp app developers.

Bitstamp is secure, convenient and easy to use. Users can transact using Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple.

The user-friendly dashboard of the Bitstamp application allows crypto traders to use the Tradeview chart feature, choose from multiple types of trades and manage their digital currency wallets on the go.


Bitstamp App Features

  • New traders can enjoy a user-friendly UI, suitable for beginners
  • Crypto transfers are seamless
  • Sign-in requires authentication
  • QR code scanning features make it easy to manage digital wallets and do transactions
  • Traders can use the platform to check both Crypto and Bank balances
  • Tradeview can be used to keep track of live updates and check order logs
  • Order status can be tracked and there are many types of orders to choose from and features to manage them
  • Traders can manage the app and their chosen or preferred settings can be changed at any time


Bitstamp Advanced tools

  • A variety of order categories to choose from
  • Tradeview charts provide detailed perspectives of market activities
  • Complete Order books can be accessed and reviewed at any time
  • Good balance of user-friendly features and security
  • MultiSig and encryption techniques are used to safely store funds 
  • Apps can be disabled from a secondary device if the primary device is compromised
  • 98% of crypto coins stored offline


Bitstamp Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Ease of use Inconvenience of Recaptcha
Affordable  The platform needs further development 
Compliant and secure  Graphs may overwhelm beginners
Prices can be viewed without creating an account US citizens have limited access
Fingerprint authorization  Account creation and authentication may intimidate users
Live trade updates  It takes time to understand the user interface of the platform 




Bittrex is an international crypto-exchange platform based in Liechtenstein and Bermuda. The creators of Bittrex were previously employed by Microsoft and Amazon respectively.

The Bittrex mobile app allows users to buy over 200  cryptocurrencies in exchange for US dollars, which can be stored and transferred securely using digital wallets.

Bittrex is regulated under the supervision of the Financial Market Authority, the Digital Asset Busines Act, and the Blockchain Act. This entity is fully registered and licensed with the DAB and BMA.

The availability of advanced APIs improves the user’s experience by automating certain processes. Bittrex commits fully to providing a platform that is efficientt, secure and convenient for users at all levels.


Bittrex App Features

  • Keep track of changes in prices 
  • Market searches can be filtered based on indicators
  • A digital wallet can be accessed using the mobile app
  • Secure data storage systems 
  • Set alerts for successful orders
  • Create a list of your frequently used markets
  • Access your transaction and order history


Bittrex Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Positive user experience  Users have reported issues with BTC deposits
Platforms are well-designed Slow response time from platform
Reliable authentication measures  Log-ins may be delayed 
Compatible with Fiat transactions Charts seem unreliable at times 
Many cryptocurrencies to choose from  Customers have not given positive reviews 




CEX.IO is a registered cryptocurrency platform that supports over 100 countries and 47 American states. Clients have the option of trading through the website, mobile apps, WebSocket and REST API. 

The CEX.IO platform creates trading opportunities for more than 3 million registered users and it has been operational since 2013, with no reported investment losses.

The CEX.IO team consists of 250 committed members who are based in the US, Cyprus, Ukraine, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Before CEX.IO developed its platform, crypto traders could not make online card payments to purchase cryptocurrency and transfers could not be made to and from bank accounts.

Now, millions of traders are using the innovative tools and features made available by the CEX.IO platform and traders can choose from over 8 crypto assets and trade in 4 currencies (EUR, RUB, GBP and USD). The platform also offers features such as Spot trading and Margin trading.


CEX.IO App Features

  • It is quick and easy to buy, sell and transfer crypto using bank cards or your account balance
  • No delay on card withdrawals and deposits
  • Convert crypto and fiat to crypto or fiat without hassle
  • Get notified when orders are successful or when prices change
  • A list of preferred crypto pairs can be created for convenience
  • The well-developed UI makes trading a breeze
  • Get live updates about market activity and view your order book at any time
  • The mobile app can be used to link bank cards to your trading account
  • Check your balance and manage orders and transactions
  • Set limits on orders and trades
  • Traders can keep all their receipts as proof of payment for commission and trading fees
  • Access to BTC data from other best-rated platforms allows for planning and trading based on price differences in crypto coins


CEX.IO Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Verification is only required once  Deposit is not free
Account creation is fast and easy  Fiat withdrawal fees may be higher than usual 
Withdrawals can be done without delay Customer support is unreliable 
Platform performance may exceed expectations  Additional verification needed when the buy limit is increased
Many trading tools to choose from 
Affordable option compared to BTC




Coinbase was one of the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms to be launched. Since its inception in 2012 as a Bitcoin brokerage, more than 20 million users have registered from over 100 countries. 

This crypto platform is a registered, compliant entity with a well-developed, user-friendly website. Users have the opportunity to earn crypto by completing the courses on cryptocurrency, blockchains and market concepts provided on the website.

Coinbase has earned the trust and loyalty of its members by providing affordable, reliable services and securing the funds of their clients through multi-factor authentication, offline storage of assets and the use of password locks for the app.

The Coinbase app can be used to transact with XRP, BTC and BTC cash, ETH and over 4000 other assets.

Coinbase has plenty of educational resources available for beginners, but expert traders can enjoy the advanced trading options and features of the Coinbase Pro membership. 

Traders have access to market news updates, trading tools and digital wallets. The Coinbase desktop platform also offers customized tools specifically for businesses who intend to sell crypto, trade with crypto or invest in crypto.


Coinbase Features

  • Trades can be automated and users can get notified when prices change, making it easy for beginners to enter markets
  • The cost and value of particular assets can be checked 
  • Impressive portfolios can be developed over time by trading with liquid currencies and managing orders
  • Trades can be repeated and the frequency of orders can be automated based on days, weeks or months
  • Funds can be kept in vaults for high-level security, but withdrawals may be slightly delayed
  • The app supports Android and IOS operating systems


Coinbase Pro Features

  • Traders can access charts, candles and order books any time
  • Features include Stop limits and automated trades
  • Variety of order types for expert traders
  • Portfolio and transaction history can be viewed using the user-friendly dashboards
  • Supports native currencies  
  • Traders can deposit and withdraw crypto and keep their funds in secure digital wallets


Coinbase Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Easy to purchase crypto coins  Lack of customer support 
Availability of educational resources Prices are not updated within a reasonable time
Accounts are closed if there is suspicious activity  Verifications are delayed 
Coinbase Pro offers charges minimal fees for certain trading volumes and order types No explanation of pricing structures 
Withdrawals are processed immediately  The free version of Coinbase may be too expensive for most users 
Easy to use  Users cannot access their coins directly


Kraken Pro


Kraken Pro is a popular American crypto platform that has been operational for over a decade and holds a reputation for being one of the most successful crypto service providers available today.

The user-friendly platform creates a safe learning environment for new cryptocurrency enthusiasts and offers many advanced features, such as spot and margin trading facilities, for expert traders.

The diverse client base of Kraken Pro creates many exciting trading opportunities and most users have given positive feedback on their trading experience, transaction fees and customer support.

Kraken Pro traders can enjoy OTC and account management services that are tailored according to their personal preferences.

Users can trade with popular cryptocurrencies such XBT, ETH, BCH, LTC and XRP. Their ultimate goal is to encourage businesses and individuals globally to use crypto as a new form of currency to pay for goods and services.


Kraken Pro Features

  • Changes in prices can be viewed as they are happening
  • Traders can choose from multiple layouts for charts and order books
  • Analyze and review charts and transaction logs
  • Each currency is represented by a specific colour, making it easier to read charts
  • There are 8 asset classes to choose from
  • Trading tools include Margin trading
  • High volume orders can be made conveniently 
  • Take and Loss profits can be automated 
  • Many types of orders to choose from for advanced traders
  • Traders can also choose when trades will open and close based on their preferences
  • Order sees can be paid using traditional government currencies or crypto coins
  • Users can access their entire record of historical account activity
  • Trading history can be viewed using charts 
  • Asset balances can be checked individually and traders can choose which currency to use


Kraken Pro Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Good customer reviews  No feature for price update notifications 
Improved, updated UI  Delayed response times
Impressive visual representation of charts Order parameters cannot easily be adjusted
Authentication using fingerprints The app cannot be used to make withdrawals and deposits
All markets are highly liquid It may be challenging for new traders
Fees are minimal 
Reliable customer support




Luno supports over 40 countries and has 3.5 million active traders, with a transaction history of $8 million being securely processed since 2013. 

The Luno Bitcoin savings wallet gives crypto traders the option to earn interest on their investments and moving assets between wallets is a seamless process.

Luno claims to be one of the most secure, reliable cryptocurrency platforms with its sophisticated encryption-based safety measures.

Novice and experienced crypto traders can enjoy the advanced trading features offered by Luno, such as live price alerts, access to relevant market news and high-end API functionality.


Luno App Features

  • Drive market actions by using price update notifications
  • Charting features for experienced traders
  • A wide variety of the most popular crypto pairs to trade with 
  • Trade compatibility with traditional government currencies


Luno Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Beginner-friendly  Traders can only choose from a few currencies
Dedicated customer support team Account-level determines withdrawal limit 
Secure platforms The price alert feature is faulty 
User-friendly  Log-ins may take long 
Charts are reliable and correct Options for banks may restrict some users
Credible and popular  No demo-accounts




Poloniex was founded in 2014 as an American crypto platform, which offers global trading opportunities with over 12 digital asset classes and 7 trading currencies to choose from. 

Despite the lack of publicity, Poloniex remains an active crypto exchange platform with competitive pricing structures, innovative trading features and active traders.

After a change of ownership in 2019, Poloniex expanded its service offering and now traders can enjoy a rich variety of cryptocurrencies and platform features.

Crypto traders can choose from over 100 cryptocurrency sets, without the high transaction costs of other platforms and users also have several loans offers available.

This platform may appeal more to experienced traders who understand graphs, currency pairs and APIs.


Poloniex Features

  • Mobile trading makes it possible to strike at critical moments without losing sight of your balance
  • Crypto wallet allows traders to conveniently withdraw and deposit assets
  • Account balance can be checked at any time
  • Order status can be tracked
  • Keep a close eye on tickers and changes in markets with user-friendly dashboards
  • Notifications about price changes make it easy to trade 
  • Preferred trading pairs can be saved in a list
  • Over 20 options for Margin pairs 
  • Includes Tradeview and market timelines can be checked
  • Bank cards can be used to purchase crypto
  • A special type of digital wallet can be used to earn interest by loaning crypto coins to other traders


Poloniex Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Elegant platform design  The app is lacking trading indicators
Traders can choose from many altcoins Traders cannot use government currency
Easy to use  Delayed processing time 
Highly regulated and secure  Deposits take long  
New features include Stop-limits on orders  Website and UI do not correspond well 
Developers update the app regularly No dedicated customer support team 




The Shapeshift platform can be accessed from over 160 countries and users can choose from more than 40 crypto coins to trade with.

The founder of Shapeshift, Erik Voorhees, launched the platform as a means of speeding up the rates of exchanges, deposits and conversions of cryptocurrencies

Since 2013, Shapeshift has become a personal favourite for many crypto traders because no fees are charged for a commission or on trading activities, with the exception of a low-cost miner’s fee for conversions.

Beginners can visit the public educational resources library to get started and expert traders can enjoy a unique selection of innovative features specific to this platform.

Access to the Shapeshift platform is not restricted in any way because government-issued currency is not used and banks are not needed.

Shapeshift is in partnership with Jaxx.io, which is a highly secure platform that can be used to access the blockchain.


Shapeshift App Features

  • The mobile app can be downloaded at no cost 
  • Conversions, trades and transfers are processed within minimal time
  • More than 40 assets to choose from
  • Compatibility with Altcoin traders
  • No exposure to government influence as there is no way of using traditional centralized currencies on the platform, improving security
  • Traders can conveniently buy, sell and convert coins using the app
  • The order process is straightforward, making it extremely easy for beginners to enter markets
  • The mobile app does not require a registered account
  • The mobile app can be used to view complete records of account activity over periods of time
  • Digital transaction traces can be organized based on dates or assets 


Shapeshift Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Educational resources available  The app does not compare to the website 
Good performance  Cannot log in automatically with Google
Secure and reliable  3FA does not work as expected 
Affordable trading costs  New traders feel overwhelmed 
Responsive customer support  Keepykey is faulty
Using Fox tokens will remove trading fees Customers complain about user experience



Virtual currencies have dominated the internet since the unveiling of BTC 11 years ago. There are currently more than 5000 crypto assets to choose from in 2021 and they are all based on the open-source coding of Bitcoin Core. This list provides the 10 Best Cryptocurrency platforms in 2021 , and using one of these platforms is a good place to start!