30 Best Forex Accounts to follow on Twitter

The social media platform you choose depends on the types of people who use it, how active its user base is, special platform features and its functionality. If you prefer Twitter, we recommend following these 30 Best Forex Accounts to follow on Twitter.

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging social media platform with more than 400 million users that was co-founded by Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams and Noah Glass. The reason why micro-blogging is so popular today is that it makes information easy to digest, it keeps to the point and posts can be made frequently. 

Many people also prefer this type of blogging because they don’t have to scroll through walls of text to understand the purpose of a post and it can be a very effective way to start conversations or to share thoughts, interesting facts and opinions. 

Due to its efficiency, multi-media compatibility and the ability to share multiple posts a day without overwhelming followers with text and information, Forex traders have started using Twitter to provide trading signals throughout the trading day, to share trading tips and experiences, to post infographics and links to webinars and articles, and even to give updates on market news and market insights.

Whatever your reason is for using Twitter, if you are a Forex trader or just starting out, we recommend choosing some pages and influencers to follow so that you can get the most out of your trading experience. You might just get a trading tip from one of these pages that helps you make a profit or avoid a risky investment, or maybe you’ll get a tip that changes the way you trade for the better. 

Some of the accounts listed below are verified accounts, which simply means that Twitter has taken some measures to ensure that the account holders are real people or real businesses, and this feature is used to distinguish which accounts are real, as is the case with most celebrities and bigger companies that may attract imposters or “fan” accounts. However, this does not mean that unverified pages cannot be trusted and it also does not mean that all verified pages are 100% authentic.


First, we will review 15 accounts you can follow for updates on market news, price movement notifications and trading signals, or for trading tips and educational purposes.


Financial Times

@FinancialTimes (verified account)

The Financial Times Twitter account was created in 2007 and it is followed by more than 7 million people. Multiple posts are tweeted every day and you can rely on this page for updated, accurate market news and any breaking news related to finance, business, economies and basically anything that will affect investments and markets. You can also follow @ftopinion (to give your input on articles), @ftweekend (for everything that’s not business-related, with the focus on lifestyle and leisure) and @ftworldnews (for updates on what’s happening around the world).


Forex Peace Army

@ForexPeaceArmy_ (unverified account)

This account was created in 2010 and it provides updated broker reviews and trading signals, but the official website can be used to access trading guides and eBooks, strategy guides, daily analysis reports and more. This is also a platform that specialises in scam resolution and encourages its community to engage on the public forums provided. If you enjoy creating Forex-related content, you can also use Forex Peace Army to create your own blog.



@Investopedia  (verified account)

If what you are seeking is reliable news on global economies and information that will affect your investments, then we recommend following the Investopedia Twitter account. This account and its official website (https://www.investopedia.com/) deliver news covering all topics related to business and investments. Investopedia also provides plenty of educational material such as guides and a trading academy to help you learn how to invest, and you can also use this site for unbiased broker reviews.


Forex Neuron


Forex Neuron is based in Canada and this account was created in 2016. By following this account, you will get regular updates on trading signals for short-term trading. Multiple signals are posted every day and you can visit the official website for access to historical data and more trading signals. We highly recommend following this account if you want trading signals.



@ForexLive (verified account)

The ForexLive Twitter account was created in 2009 and it has 290,000 followers. The official website can be visited on forexlive.com and multiple posts are made every day. This account is a great source of links to market analysis articles, guides and economic news updates. 


ET Forex

@ETForex (verified account)

ET Forex provides regular news updates on the Euro, the Pound, the Rupee and the Dollar, and you can access more detailed content on https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/forex. Although no posts have been made since September 2021, there are many useful articles on the site that can be sued as a point of reference and the official website was updated recently. The ET Forex account was created in 2009 and has 80,000 followers.


FXStreet News

@FXstreetNews (unverified account)

This account was also created in 2009 and nearly 220,000 people follow it. FXStreet News tweets on a daily basis and you can rely on this page for detailed analyses on major currency price movements. It appears that FXStreet News is an affiliate of XM, which is a regulated and popular Forex broker.



@Daily_Forex (unverified account)

If you want access to broker reviews, trading signals and technical analyses, then we recommend following DailyForex on Twitter. This account was created in 2009 and currently has 88,400 followers. Posts are made multiple times a day and this account is very active. 



@Fxhedgers (unverified account)

This account’s Twitter feed mostly consists of short news updates, price movements and market trends. Tweets are posted throughout the day and more than 256,000 people follow FXHedge. This account was also created in 2009.



@marketpulsecom (unverified page)

MarketPulse was founded in 2006 by a team of analysts and the content posted on Twitter and the official MarketPulse website covers technical analysis, news on Forex, Commodities and Indices, updates on market trends and price movements, and more. This is a very active account, it was created in 2009 and more than 20,000 people follow it.



@fxbootcamp (unverified account)

This account is primarily used for sharing live trading sessions and the official website offers training courses, guides, video lessons and more. There are over 40 topic-specific video lessons to choose from and posts are made on a regular basis. This account has over 28,000 followers and was created in 2009.


Profit Forex Signals


This account was created in 2012 and has over 55,000 followers. Profit Forex Signals provides accurate trading signals and the company behind this account has been in the industry for more than 10 years.


Earn Forex


The Earn Forex Twitter account was created in 2009 and has over 63,000 followers. This account primarily posts educational content and it can be used along with the official https://www.earnforex.com/ website, where you will find broker reviews, Forex trading books and tools, educational content, community forums, software guides and more. 


Forex Analytix


This account was created in 2015 and more than 13,000 people follow it. The company behind this plan actually offers a proprietary market analysis platform that can be downloaded from the official website and you will find that the Twitter account is updated on a regular basis. The platform can be used as a mobile app or on desktop devices, but it is not a free application. 


Forex Cracked


If you are interested in trying Expert Advisors (EAs) then we recommend following this account. On the Twitter account, you will find mostly recommendations for EAs and indicators to use, as well as trading tips. The official website offers broker reviews, learning resources for beginners, and hundreds of reviews on different types of EAs and Forex indicators.


Next, we will list 15 accounts that you can follow if you want trading tips, motivation or proof that Forex traders can be successful. We have made an effort to omit accounts that focus heavily on the glamorous, expensive lifestyles that some traders claim to live so as to not create unrealistic expectations. 


Instead, we want to show you how ordinary people can live comfortable, balanced lives and how, with a great deal of discipline and dedication, Forex trading can indeed be a reliable source of income over the long term.


Greg Secker


Greg Secker is a well-known Forex trader and mentor, and he is also a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of learntotrade and he has over 155,000 followers on Twitter. He uses his Twitter account to share articles, videos, live trading sessions and market analyses, prize giveaways and more. We highly recommend following this page and the Greg Secker Foundation page if you would like to be involved with community projects.




This account is owned by a man called Tino and he is an author and a professional trader. More than 29,000 people are currently following his page and he mainly uses Twitter to promote his YouTube channel and share links to video updates. You can visit his official website for access to merchandise, NFTs, blogs and more. 


Trading Composure


This is another great account to follow on Twitter. The owner of this account, yvan Byeajee, is a Systems Trader and he has more than 17 years of market experience. He is also a mindfulness coach and shares useful tips in trading psychology. We recommend following this page so that you can get reliable advice on keeping your head in the right space when trading! More than 171,000 people follow this account and he has been on Twitter since 2011.


Austin Silver


Austin has been trading since 2015 and he joined Twitter in 2018. He has more than 171,000 followers and is the owner of ASFX. You can bookmark the following link https://lnk.bio/asfx to join his webinars, get your trading journal and to stay up to date with his latest posts. It appears that Austin primarily uses YouTube to share his trading knowledge and uses Twitter to stay in touch with fans and share his passion for skiing.




Siam Kidd, founder of The Realistic Trader, offers trading tips to encourage responsible trading habits, he makes videos explaining price movements and market trends, and you will find a lot of images on his Twitter accounts with explanations of charts and predictions. 


Tom Dante


This Twitter account is filled with plenty of helpful trading tips and advice and we highly recommend following Tom Dante on Twitter regardless of your level of trading experience. His tips are shared in the form of infographics, mostly explaining when to buy or sell, and often he also posts motivational reminders and retweets interesting articles. He has more than 121,000 followers and has been on Twitter since 2010.


Assad Tannous


Assad joined Twitter in 2012 and more than 106,000 people follow him. He uses Twitter to share his opinions on world news, to give trading tips and market outlooks, and you will see plenty of charts on his Twitter feed with commentary on price movements. He is the founder of Asenna Wealth, which is an investment firm that was founded in 2012 in Australia. 


Arnaud Jeulin


Arnaud is a Forex trader and a trading tools developer that joined Twitter in 2007. He currently has over 74,000 followers and he posts on a regular basis. He mostly shares currency index variations during specific sessions and occasionally shares images of charts with trading tips. 


Ilya Spivak


Ilya Spivak is the Head of Greater Asia at DailyFX, which is a website for daily Forex analysis updates, economic calendars, trading strategies, market news, market data, educational info and more. Ilya shares trading tips on price movements on a regular basis and he has over 51,000 followers on his Twitter account.


Grega Horvat


Grega posts analysis updates and videos covering Forex, commodities, stocks, crypto and metals. You will find many images of charts on his Twitter account, with commentary on price movements, predictions and some tips. If you’d like more information and resources, such as free charts and analysis reports, then visit https://wavetraders.com/.


Blake Morrow


Blake Morrow is an independent trader and a co-founder of Forex Analytix. He joined Twitter in 2009 and has just under 60,000 followers. He mostly uses his Twitter account to promote Forex Analytix and keep followers updated with webinars, videos and daily charts. 


Marc Walton Forex & Crypto


Marc Walton is a professional Forex trader and a Forex mentor. He is also a crypto investor and works with a team of professionals at https://www.forexmentorpro.com/. Marc posts interesting articles and helpful guides on a regular basis and he has over 61,000 followers on Twitter. 


Michael Boutros


Michael Boutros joined Twitter in 2010 and he has over 56,400 followers. He is a professional trader and a technical strategist at Daily Forex, and you can follow his account for regular updates on market outlooks, price movements and links to webinars. 


Yohay Elam


Yohay Elam is a Forex and Futures trader and the founder of Forex Crunch. He also creates premium content for FXStreet and has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter. On his account, you will find market news articles and links to webinars.


Steve Voulgaridis


Steve is a Greek economist and a professional trader. He occasionally shares market views and trading charts and is part of the Forex Analytix team. He joined Twitter in 2011 and although he has not posted since December 2021, there are plenty of interesting articles on his Twitter feed and you can follow Forex Analytix for more recent posts. 


Chris Capre


Chris Capre is a Hedge fund trader and a former Wall Street broker. He also trades stocks, options, crypto and Forex and is a Forex instructor at the Benzinga Options School. He joined Twitter in 2009 and posts on a regular basis. He mostly uses Twitter to share links to webinars and you can rely on him for educational webinars and trading tips.



There are thousands of Twitter accounts you can follow and each one could serve a different purpose. Sometimes you will find that one account offers everything you need. Regardless of your reasons for using Twitter, we believe that following some of these accounts will give you accurate trading signals, useful trading tips, motivation and encouragement, reliable market news, and hopefully you will learn something new!

We hope that this list of the 30 Best Forex Accounts to follow on Twitter will get you one step closer to being a successful trader!