30 Best Forex Brokers to Follow on Facebook 

Each person has different reasons for using specific platforms when it comes to social media. Facebook offers many benefits for users, businesses and influencers, so we recommend checking out these 30 Best Forex Traders to Follow on Facebook.

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook. It now has more than 1 billion international users and it was primarily used by people to connect with friends and family.

However, over the last decade, Facebook has evolved into a platform where businesses can reach a wider, more specific target audience and it offers paid advertising, the option to create groups and pages, and this platform now also offers traffic analytics and unique advertising tools that can be used by anyone.

With Facebook, there is no limit on the number of people that can join a group or like a page, as opposed to the 5,000 limit on friends that individual profiles are allowed to have.

This platform is also a great alternative for people who don’t have the time or money to make websites for their businesses or brands, and it is extremely easy to use. 

Forex traders and brokers have utilized the tools and features offered by Facebook to offer trading tips to their followers, to post articles and news updates, to give trading signals and advice, and to share their success stories. The use cases for Facebook are limitless and with advances in technology, it’s always good to have a Facebook profile to refer to if you want to reach a larger audience or be part of a much bigger community. 


First, we will list 15 regulated brokers we recommend following on Facebook. We have made sure to only include brokers that update on a regular basis and pages that have not been active in the last year have been omitted.



On the AvaTrade Facebook page, you will find many helpful articles, notifications for upcoming webinars with links to join, trading signals and a variety of news updates. Posts are added frequently and there are several verified AvaTrade pages that are available in different languages.



eToro is a Forex broker with an active Facebook page that is updated on a regular basis. The posts on eToro’s page mostly include informative articles, helpful guides, video tutorials, workshops, podcasts and blogs. eToro has a massive community and is regulated by 2 tier-1 agencies (CySEC, ASIC and FCA). 



InstaForex uses Facebook primarily for promotional posts and posts that encourage community engagement. This broker sponsors many athletes and also uses Facebook to notify users of upcoming webinars. You can navigate to the learning centre on the official website if you are seeking educational content and tutorials.


IC Markets

IC Markets updates its page every day and you can rely on this broker to provide you with helpful trading signals and tips on a regular basis. You can also find technical analyses on this page, but it is mostly useful for someone who is seeking up-to-date trading signals. 



Axiory uses Facebook mostly to post market news updates and technical analysis reports. You can also follow the Axiory Intelligence page for more in-depth articles and daily updates.



Plus500 updates its page on a regular basis and you can rely on this page for weekly forecasts on stocks in major companies like Netflix and other helpful market news.



RoboForex uses Facebook to give weekly updates, to entice followers to engage in conversations and to share awards won. This page can also be used for weekly forecasts and you can use it to stay up to date with promotional offerings from this broker.


Saxo Bank

The Saxo Bank Facebook page offers updates on its sponsorships, along with helpful infographics, market predictions and videos. You might also find some links to exclusive webinars and events on the page.



If you are looking for a page that offers everything from weekly forecasts, trading signals, market-related articles and links to webinars, then we recommend following Pepperstone on Facebook. You can also use this page to see any new instruments that are introduced to the platform.



You can rely on the Dukascopy page for weekly trading signals on major economic events and each fundamental analysis report comes with an in-depth article or interactive charts. This Facebook page seems to be strictly used for providing followers with useful indicators and signals and you will not find any promotional offerings here.



HotForex uses its Facebook page primarily to keep followers up to date and interested in events, contests and webinars, with market news and analysis reports in between. Multiple posts are posted on some days but posts are only made on weekdays.



The FBS Facebook page has a massive community that is keen to engage and the page is primarily used to share infographics, articles and weekly forecasts. If you are looking for a Forex page with an active community and interesting articles, we recommend following FBS on Facebook.



On this page, you can expect to find daily market outlooks (that are updated on weekdays) and helpful, detailed trading signals. You can also follow this page if you need access to links for panels, webinars and events if you are not checking the website.



Exness uses its Facebook page to encourage community engagement and to spark conversations between its followers. There appear to be no trading signals here, but if you are an existing client, you can follow this page to stay up to date with events, ask questions and share your thoughts and experiences with trading.



You can rely on the BDSwiss Facebook page for a daily market analysis and weekly market outlooks. The community is very active and posts are added on weekdays. This is a great page to follow, regardless of whether you are a BDSwiss client or not.



You can find success stories of athletes that are sponsored by easyMarkets on this page and you will also be provided with accurate weekly forecasts and daily price movements.


Interactive Brokers

This broker is a great option for inexperienced traders and you can follow the Facebook page for platform updates, special offers, podcasts and educational articles. 



ThinkMarkets uses its Facebook page to share insightful economic articles with images of trading signals, charts and related market news updates. You don’t need to be a client to benefit from the info provided!



The Swissquote Facebook page is filled with articles, trading tips, links to webinars and podcasts. You will find market outlooks that are posted on a weekly basis here, but there are not many posts on trading signals.



This page provides followers with helpful trading tips, detailed trading signals with analysis reports, links to videos on market outlooks and more. We recommend this page for anyone who needs reliable trading signals on a regulate basis.


Before we conclude this review, we will list some of the best Facebook pages you can follow if you need trading signals, tips, guidance or if you are seeking an active community platform to ask questions.



This page offers regular updates on a daily basis and it can be used for weekly market forecasts, free ebooks for beginners, helpful articles covering many topics and trading tips from pros.



ForexMania uses its Facebook page to share daily trading results, but if you visit the official website, you will find more info about this platform, including trading signals and many other trading services offered by a team of professional traders.


Forex GDP

This page offers a combination of motivational posts, trading signals with price predictions and tips, and more. The page is updated frequently and its community is quite active.


Forex Trading Signals

By following this page, you will get regular updates and motivational posts, detailed trading signals, infographics and video tutorials.


Forex Trading


If you are looking for a page that offers weekly trading summaries, accurate trading signals and proof of profits, we recommend following this page. To get the most out of this community, it is advised to join the telegram look. The link can be found on the Facebook page.


Forex World


If you are a South African resident, you can follow this page for access to their promotional offerings and podcasts. For more info, we recommend following their official website.


Forex South Africa


This page provides its community with updates on Forex regulations in South Africa, broker recommendations for South Africans, interesting market-related articles and more. You can visit their website for more articles and info.


US stock market trading and investing


This page has an active community and mostly posts motivational images that start conversations. We recommend following this page if you want to be part of a Forex community and if you do not require trading signals or market news updates.


FOREX investor group


Although this page has not posted anything in a while, there are some useful articles and guides that can be followed. Examples of what you can find here are articles about the best trading chart patterns, the advantages of position trading in forex, the most popular technical indicators and much more.


Forex Trading for Beginners


On this page, you will find many success story videos from students. With so many happy clients, this MUST be a great Forex trading academy and we recommend checking out the official website (link on Facebook) if you are interested in joining them.



There are thousands of Forex pages you can follow on Facebook, whether you need trading signals or market news updates every day, or you would just like to stay in touch with your favourite broker and be part of its community.

If you are interested in trading for the first time or trying a new broker, we recommend choosing one of the brokers listed in this article. You can create a demo, live or swap-free account by visiting their official websites.

These are only some of the Forex Facebook pages you can follow. Let us know if you like any of the 30 Best Forex Pages to Follow on Facebook in this review