20 Best Forex Trading YouTube Channels

30 Best Forex Trading YouTube ChannelsIf you are interested in learning more about Forex trading, we recommend subscribing to the following 20 Best Forex Trading YouTube Channels for trading tips, daily updates, tutorials and more.

YouTube has completely transformed the way people teach, learn and share information. You can search just about anything and there will most likely be an answer for any question you have on your mind. 

As a Forex trader, you can use YouTube to watch live trading sessions, playbacks of webinars and vlogs, and more. 

Some examples of what you can expect to find on YouTube is risk management tips, how to use trading platforms and tools, what trading strategies you should use and how to implement them, broker reviews, trading signals and plenty of how-to tutorials.  

You will also find that there is an abundance of topic-specific educational videos and tips available on YouTube.

You will find plenty of information that will…

  • give you a better understanding of the basics of Forex trading
  • help you refine your trading strategy,
  • learn about the ways you can use tools and platform features to achieve your trading goals
  • Learn how you can trade responsibly and learn from the mistakes that professional traders have already made 

With YouTube notifications, you can get alerts every time your favourite channels and influencers post new videos and you can use YouTube to engage with many online communities of individuals who share similar interests. 


Bulls on Wall Street

80K subscribers


This channel offers offer 1,000 videos created by channel host Kunal Desai. He started out as a stock trader in the early 2000’s and he is now a successful day trader who uploads trading lessons, trading tips, trading bootcamps and much more. Bulls on Wall Street is definitely one of our top 10 recommended channels to follow.



141K subscribers 


EMMANUEL FOREX uploads videos frequently and offers in-depth educational videos on using trading strategies, several how-to guides covering many different topics and videos about success stories of channel subscribers. 


The Moving Average 

308K subscribers


This is a channel for day traders seeking tips on strategies and how to navigate the markets. The Moving Average is not only a channel for Forex trading but also covers topics on cryptocurrency trading, as well as indices and stocks. This channel primarily focuses on day trading strategies, risk management tools and how to use indicators for day trading.


The Trading Channel 

1.47M subscribers


Steven Hart is the host of The Trading Channel and he is a trading coach who has traded Forex professionally for the last 7 years. Free content is available on the YouTube channel but paid premium courses and programs are also offered. 



211K subscribers


Investopedia is a great channel to follow for advice and tips on all things finance. This channel uploads videos on many different topics, including personal finance and wealth management, strategies for active and high-volume traders, news updates and more. There is also a corresponding features channel called “Investopedia Academy” with plenty of tutorials for trader’s, but unfortunately, it does not seem like videos are uploaded on a regular basis.



126K subscribers


Bloom has a massive community of traders and offers high-quality video tutorials on trading platforms, tools, strategies and more. The host of this channel is Mohsen Hassan and his videos cover topics such as how to get started with Forex trading and the best computer setup, how to trade stock markets, the psychology of trading and how to be a good trader, and much more. He doesn’t upload very frequently, but his videos will certainly provide some helpful insight regardless.



127K subscribers


We highly recommend subscribing to this channel because videos are uploaded on a regular basis and despite some of the videos showing how luxurious the life of a trader can be, there are also plenty of videos that are great for beginners or even experienced traders who want to learn more about using trading strategies, risk management and more. 



137K subscribers


Capital.com offers an active YouTube channel with plenty of videos on training material, weekly market forecasts, in-depth analyses on trading instruments and more. If you are considering trading for the first time, we recommend opening a trading account with Capital.com if you like the content provided on their YouTube channel.


Data Trader 

236K subscribers


Data Trader posts new videos on a weekly basis and has a very active community. This is an exceptional channel if you are looking for tutorials on trading strategies or if you are looking for ways to refine the strategies you are currently using.


Investors Underground

146K subscribers


This is a great channel for beginners who are seeking interactive trading lessons and who might be interested in ay trading. The main host of this channel, Nathan Michaud, uploads many types of videos – ranging from trading strategies and trading lessons, to interviews with professional traders, weekly market updates and daily recaps. 


Tradenet Day Trading Academy

94K subscribers


The Tradenet Day Trading Academy was started by Meir Barak in 2004. He shares live day trading sessions and recaps online and has thousands of students in his trading academy. He also offers free trading lessons and videos on trading basics and concepts. 


Day Trading Academy

682 subscribers


This is another great day trading and futures trading channel with plenty of insightful video tutorials and market news updates. Videos are uploaded several times a month and there are also several recordings of live classes, interviews with professional traders and market analysis videos. 


Bear Bull Traders

57.8K subscribers


Videos are uploaded to this channel several times a week by a team of professional US stock traders and day traders. This channel was started in 2016 and the Bear Bull Traders team are focused on coaching and mentoring traders. 



70.6K subscribers


We highly recommend this channel for beginners as there are many videos about how to be a better trader, setting up trading strategies, choosing the right instruments and more. You will also find updates on market news here, as well as technical analysis reports on volatile assets and stock market news. 


Financial Times

645K subscribers


Financial Times not only offers plenty of news updates and market analyses, but you can find topic-specific, news-based market outlooks, discussions on interesting economic topics (such as electric cars, NFTs, economic models, sports updates, films, mega market trends and interviews with influential people in the cryptosphere and Forex industry. 


Chat with Traders

190K subscribers


Chat with Traders is a podcast channel with immersive and insightful discussions with professional Forex traders on topics of expertise to find out more about the way successful forex traders trade, the instruments they choose and how they execute their strategies. 



2.6M subscribers


CNBC is a great channel to follow if you want to stay up to date with world news and economics. This is a leading international channel with a massive community and plenty of reliable news updates covering a vast range of topics. There are also many interesting documentaries and videos on robotics, sports, celebrities, finances, retirement, politics, policies and basically anything that could move the markets. 


Financial Education 

711K subscribers


This channel was started in 2016 by Jeremy Lefebvre and it covers many topics, from tips on how to start your own business to trading stocks and saving money. We highly recommend subscribing to this channel if you are interested in trading stocks and getting exclusive insider knowledge on stocks news and when to trade what. 


No Nonsense Forex

273K subscribers


This channel offers in-depth podcasts on trading stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, Forex and more. You will also find exclusive trading tips here on using tools and platforms in ways that you might not have known were possible. This is definitely one of our best-rated Youtube channels to follow and you will certainly benefit from following this channel regardless of your level of trading experience or trading style!


Etienne Crete

61.9K subscribers


Etienne Crete hosts weekly interviews with professional traders, he shares unbiased broker reviews and trading tips and also offers a motivational Forex series about trading psychology and how to be a better trader. He is very active on his YouTube channel and this is a great channel to follow if you’re seeking trading advice and wisdom from professional traders and trading coaches.


Adam Khoo

808K subscribers


Adam Khoo is a professional stocks trader and trading coach. He offers a Forex trading course for beginners, as well as a stock trading course and stocks investment strategies. This channel is also suitable for options traders and short selling, and you can get plenty of tips on risk management and trading psychology here.  


Akil Stokes

50K subscribers


Akil Stokes is also a professional trading coach and a part of the TierOneTrading team. He shares market outlook videos over the weekends and daily live trading sessions. Evey Thursday he discusses trading concepts and also hosts podcasts, interviews and special events. 


Rayner Teo

1.44M subscribers


Rayner Teo has a massive following on YouTube and is an excellent channel for beginners who want to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Forex trading, or for professionals who want expert advice and tips to refine their strategies. Rayner uploads videos on trading strategies that have been proven to work, insightful trading webinars, useful indicators, and plenty of useful trading tips. 


Patrick Wieland

159K subscribers


Patrick Wieland is a day trader and crypto trader who upload plenty of videos on AMC and Bitcoin. He also hosts podcasts on stock trading and shares useful trading tips for day traders and beginners. You will also find some live trading sessions on his channel, as well as some clips of his daily life and drone footage. 


Karen Foo

293K subscribers


Karen Foo is a professional trading coach who often hosts trading workshops and plenty of in depth trading courses. This channel is exceptionally good for beginners who do not yet understand the basics of trading, but the information provided on her channel will be useful to anyone who follows her because she goes into a great level of detail about trading concepts, strategies and everything Forex. You will also find Price Action trading tips here, fundamental analysis updates and many useful risk management tips. 



There are so many different ways and methods to learn Forex trading, but choosing a few pages to follow on YouTube will give you something to look forward to and you can definitely benefit from the wisdom and insight of professional traders. 

People learn in different ways – some through reading, others through audio and text – regardless of your learning style, we think that everyone can learn something new by learning Forex trading through YouTube. 

YouTube offers an immersive, visually stimulating learning experience with an active community of followers who share ideas and ask questions, and that is why we recommend following these 20 Best Forex Trading YouTube Channels.



Remember, 75% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs and there is a high risk of losing your capital in the forex markets.

The information on this website is in no way intended to be used as financial advice and opening an account with any broker is done at your own discretion and risk.