30 Best Forex Accounts to Follow on Instagram

30 Best Forex Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Successful traders can use social media to inspire Forex enthusiasts and beginners by showcasing their wealth and sharing helpful tips and advice with new traders. and the following 30 Best Forex Accounts to follow on Instagram have proven that it is possible to be successful in this industry.

With nearly 10 million Forex traders globally, less than half of them are successful, which may be a cause for concern. However, successful Forex traders do not obsess over making quick profits or trade every minute of the day, and as with any other investment – earning profits will take time!


Why do Forex Traders Use Instagram?

Easy to install and user-friendly

Instagram is compatible with most mobile phones and can also be used on laptops and desktops. It can be installed from the Play Store or App Store and it is easy to create an account and connect with friends. 


Sharing and editing photos is convenient 

Instagram users can upload photos from their galleries or take photos directly from the app, and photos can be edited and customized directly from Instagram. Users can also share stories, reels or live videos to engage with their followers, and for educational Forex accounts, it is the perfect platform for sharing tips, advice and training videos.


Social networking platform

Research suggests that there are currently 1 billion active users on Instagram, and they can easily connect with each other through similar interests, hashtags on their posts, comments on posts they like, and also by following the same accounts. Individuals can also communicate using direct messenger.


Some business professionals use Instagram bots to maximise their efficiency and users can check Instagram analytics to adapt to the preferences of their followers and keep track of traffic on their accounts.

Instagram is used by businesses to promote products, increase engagement with followers and keep their clients updated with new products and services. 


This article reviews the 30 Best Forex Accounts to follow on Instagram, starting with accounts that have the most followers.


Jason Stone

Jason Stone is a motivational speaker and young entrepreneur, and his page is filled with helpful trading tips, inspirational quotes and trading guides. His followers can join the CRYPTO Mentorship Academy and he has over 1,000 posts, which include videos and guides, that can be used as trading guides for all types of traders.

  • IG handle: @millionaire_mentor
  • Followers: 7.7 mil
  • Website: teamlfgtrading.com



Profxtrades provides trading advice and market analysis, and the page is updated on a regular basis. There are over 1,000 posts, consisting of different chart patterns and helpful tips on analyzing the markets and movements of currency pairs, which can be used with the unique Profx app. The app can be used for updates on signals, training courses, live chat and news feeds.

  • IG handle: @profxtrades
  • Followers: 414,000
  • App: profx.app


Samuel Leach 

Samuel Leach uses his social platforms to educate other traders, and despite his wealth, his recent posts have been focused on sharing insights into his market moves instead of boasting his success.

He is a young, educated entrepreneur with experience in working with banks, and in 2012 he founded Samuel and Co. Trading.

Samuel has been featured in several trusted magazines, including Forbes, Reuters and City AM.

  • IG handle: @samuelleach
  • Followers: 396,000
  • Website: linktr.ee/samuelleach


Hither Mann

Hither Mann is a public figure with over 200,000 followers and she is the founder of Fortune Academy (@fortuneacademy.official), which consists of posts made by real Forex traders about their trading experiences and she uses it as a platform to educate traders. Hither’s official page provides trading courses and helpful tips on being successful, along with a few photos of her luxurious lifestyle, Fortune Academy students, and scams to avoid.

  • IG handle: @hithermann
  • Followers: 272,000
  • Website: sociatap.com/hithermann


Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh is a successful entrepreneur and business owner with vast amounts of wealth. He uses Instagram mostly to share photos of his collection of cars and his family, to emphasise the importance of balancing hard work with life. He lives a luxurious lifestyle, but he is a humble man and the proud CEO of alldayPA and Isher Capital.

  • IG handle: @singhreuben
  • Followers: 188,000
  • Website: alldaypa.co.uk



AstroFx was created by two young entrepreneurs who have achieved great success with Forex trading. They share posts about the cars they buy and countries they visit, but they also host Forex trading workshops and provide updated chart analyses for their followers. They can be contacted directly on the Whatsapp link for support and advice on trading.

  • IG handle: @astroforex
  • Followers: 157,000
  • Whatsapp channel: wa.me/message/73QBYWFINJSTL1


Madiba of Forex

Madiba of Forex is a South African entrepreneur and mentor who offers Forex lessons for new traders and provides trading signals so that traders can make more informed decisions before making the next move. A membership fee is payable for traders who are interested in receiving signals for currencies, Nasdaq and USA30.

  • IG handle: @madibaofforex
  • Followers: 103,000



The ForexChick is an Indices trading analyst who has accumulated great wealth after retiring as a nurse. She is a public figure and inspirational trader who gives motivational talks and educates new traders. She uses Instagram to share trading tips and photos of her luxurious lifestyle, and also hosts live trading webinars.

  • IG handle: @theforexchick
  • Followers: 72,200


Spartan Forex

Spartan Forex is a trading school and has a Youtube channel and a direct Telegram chat channel. They provide free trading signals, and reliable market analyses using pictures and videos. Posts are updated frequently and you will find a variety of helpful trading tips and in-depth information on chart patterns, and this account may be one of the best accounts for learning about chart patterns and trading signals.

  • IG handle: @spartan.forex
  • Followers: 59,200
  • Telegram channel: linktr.ee/SpartanForex


FX Goat

FX Goat specialises in providing training courses on currencies and Nasdaq, and they host trading classes and workshops to help new traders enter the market. This trading academy is based in Africa, but they provide online training and they are active on social media, with over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

  • IG handle: @fxgoat_
  • Followers: 56,600
  • Website: fxgoat.teachable.com/?affcode=540026_c35dx2lf



EFX is a unique account because, unlike most other Forex accounts, they provide relevant news updates about economies, markets and currencies. Unfortunately, the account is not updated on a regular basis, so the posts may not be relevant to current trading activities. However, some of the articles could be used as a form of research, as there are over 2,000 posts on this account. 

  • IG handle: @everything_fx
  • Followers: 56,600
  • Website: www.everythingfx.com



Trade4Wealth provides educational resources for all types of traders, and their followers have access to trading tips, newsletters and free audiobooks. The page mostly consists of inspirational quotes and trading tips, but the official website can be visited for access to a variety of trading tools and training material, as well as the option to open a live account with EagleFx. Please note that this broker is not regulated, but it is recognised by Forbes and has received several awards.

  • IG handle: @trade4wealth
  • Followers: 56,200
  • Website: eaglefx.com



Forexsignals.com provides free trading signals, innovative trading ideas and strategies, and educational content to help new traders learn faster. This account can be used for helpful trading tips, such as the best indicators for all traders, and traders can learn more about trading by engaging with the multiple-choice questions posted by this account.

  • IG handle: @forexsignalscom
  • Followers: 51,900
  • Website: forexsignalscom



Hannah is an entrepreneur and professional Forex trader at OZO Capital. She has nearly 100,000 subscribers on Youtube and most of her Forex videos can be found on her Youtube channel. She recently graduated from university and has been trading Forex for more than 2 years. She uses Instagram to post inspirational videos and share trading tips and believes that the journey to success is as important as success itself.

  • IG handle: @hannahforex
  • Followers: 48,900
  • Youtube channel: youtube.com/hannahforex


The Chosen One

The Chosen One is a self-taught Forex trader with nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram, who primarily focuses on providing margin calls and posts on trading charts. You will also find several helpful tips on this account regarding the analysis of chart patterns and there are videos on the psychology of trading, Index volatility and market analysis,

  • IG handle: @fx_margin_call
  • Followers: 17,900
  • Website: t.me/fx_Margin_Call2


Ndalo Forex Trading

Ndalo Forex Trading offers online classes, as well as one on one classes, which can be accessed using the direct Facebook link or the Whatsapp number provided. This account is recommended for Swing traders who are interested in trading NASDAQ.

  • IG handle: @andrew__fx
  • Followers: 15,600
  • Online classes: www.facebook.com/NdaloFx



Intro FX provides plenty of helpful trading tips and advice on avoiding common mistakes and trading successfully, and the account was created by a group of young entrepreneurs who have achieved success in Forex trading. They post photos of their luxurious lifestyles and show their followers how discipline and a good routine can earn great rewards.

  • IG handle: @introfxtrading
  • Followers: 13,000
  • Youtube: linktr.ee/introfxtrading


Shabs Fazl

Shabs Fazl is a professional trader and market analyst at AstroForex (@astroforex). She uses her Instagram page to share photos of her luxurious lifestyle, but she can be contacted directly on Whatsapp for trading advice and support. AstroForex is a well-establish investment management firm and if you would like to work with her directly, she can be contacted via the support email or Whatsapp number provided.

  • IG handle: @shabzfazl
  • Followers: 11,600
  • Whatsapp channel: wa.me/447585944770


TriumphFX academy

TriumphFX Academy is an educational account that provides free trading signals to followers, as well as one on one classes offered by mentors. The official site can be visited for more resources and support, and students cal also join the Telegram channel for advice and tips. Unfortunately, the account has not be updated for a year, but the website seems to be more active.

  • IG handle: @triumphfxacademy
  • Followers: 9,934
  • Website: www.triumphfxacademy.com


Sabina Goliášová

Sabina Goliášová is a young entrepreneur and Forex trader who hosts Forex trading workshops and encourages her followers to have a balanced life. She does not seem to prioritize luxury, but she is an active Forex trader and spends a lot of time at the gym, and with her friends and family.

  • IG handle: @sabgoliasova
  • Followers: 8,957


The Pips Room

The Pips Room is based in the UK and provides trading and risk management services to all types of traders. It was founded by Sophina Pius and the team has more than 15 years of experience in trading and offers mentorship and training courses to their clients. Clients are also encouraged to sign up with one of the recommended, regulated Forex brokers on the official website, and the Instagram account provides many helpful trading tips.

  • IG handle: @thepipsroom
  • Followers:  8,205
  • Website: thepipsroom.com


Benjamin Forex Academy

The Benjamin Forex Academy is based in South Africa and it is an award-winning provider of educational resources and Forex training courses. The Instagram account mostly provides images of charts, trading tips and workshops that have been hosted by the academy, and followers can join the direct Telegram chat channel for support and advice. 

  • IG handle: @benjamin_forex_academy
  • Followers: 6,318
  • Telegram channel: t.me/Benjaminforex


Austin Netzley

At the age of 27, Austin Netzley founded a company called 2X which coaches business owners and trains them to be more efficient and profitable, and he also designed an automated stock trading system that has generated vast amounts of wealth for him. Austin is a successful entrepreneur and business owner, as well as an author and business coach. He the author of the book Make Money, Live Wealthy, and the owner of a blog called YoPro Wealth. 

  • IG handle: @netzley
  • Followers: 5,629
  • Audiobook: 2x.co/audio


Sam Seiden

Sam Seiden is a professional Crypto trader and Price Action specialist, and he is a professional trade analyst at AstroFx. His private Instagram account mostly contains images of his luxurious life and daily activities, but he can be reached directly through AstroFx if you are interested in his professional trading services and expert advice.

  • IG handle: @trade_with_the_king
  • Followers: 5,072



Invictus-FX is an active account with a direct Telegram chat channel for traders who require advice and support with their trading activities. Traders will find many free signals here and can also request mentorship from one of the professionals at Invictus-FX.

  • IG handle: @invictusfx
  • Followers: 4,621
  • Telegram channel: t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEYPV8SJHCpohTWS_Q


Shaquel Samaai

Shaquel Samaai is the founder of Thee Forex Elitment (@thee_forex__elitment), which is a provider of Forex signals, educational resources and trading advice, and he is a professional Day Trader and a young entrepreneur. He posts many motivational quotes and videos on his account and has a very likeable personality. He can be contacted directly or through his business if you seek expert advice and support.

  • IG handle: @shaquel.samaai_fx
  • Followers: 2,295
  • Website: linktr.ee/shaquelhuntersamaai.com


Yamila Tatiana Hernandez

Yamila Hernandez is an entrepreneur and professional signals analyst and stockbroker at AstroFx. She does not share many photos of her personal life or flaunt her wealth but instead provides many inspirational quotes and helpful tips on her account. She can be contacted directly or through AstroFx if you require her expertise in Bitcoin mining, signals and stocks. 

  • IG handle: @mrs_hernandezfx
  • Followers: 1,949


Walter Peters

Walter Peters is the founder of Naked Forex Now, which provides advanced educational resources regarding trading systems, trading psychology and risk management. His personal Instagram account is used mostly for posting inspirational images, so if you seek his expert advice and services then you can contact him through the official website. His credibility is confirmed by Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal and TradingMarkets.com, and he is also a best-selling author and Hedge fund trader.

  • IG handle: @nakedforexnow
  • Followers: 1,807
  • Website: www.nakedforexnow.com


Richard FX

Richard is a motivational speaker and professional Forex investor, with 8 years of experience in the financial markets. He is also a Crypto investor and enjoys travelling. He can be contacted directly on the Whatsapp number provided (+1 518-615-5607) if you require his professional services or expert advice. Unfortunately, he does not seem to be very active on his Social account anymore.

  • IG handle: @investor_richard_fx
  • Followers: 1,601


Gustine Samuel

Gustine Samuel is an expert Forex and Crypto trader, and his account is a source of inspiration and motivation for all types of traders. His Instagram account is used mostly for sharing wisdom, but he can be contacted directly for advice on trading.

  • IG handle: @gustinesamuel
  • Followers: 1,376


10 Things Successful Forex Traders Do


Learning how to trade Forex takes time and dedication. The markets are always changing, so having a solid understanding of the key concepts, terminology and chart patterns allows traders to adapt to new trading conditions and market environments without suffering huge losses. 

There are different types of markets, and the behaviour of instruments will change depending on the markets they are in. That is why it is important to learn about the markets and instruments you choose before investing real money in them.

Anyone can access the Forex market, especially considering that there is a list of 30 of the Best Regulated Forex brokers with a minimum deposit of $1. So it may be tempting to jump into a market without preparing first because the minimum deposit is low, but it is advisable to use a demo account and test your skills before spending any real money.



It is important to choose a market that accommodates your style of trading and schedule because some trades are left overnight and incur additional costs, while others are closed within 5 minutes of opening them but may expose you to other types of risks. 

For example, your strategy may require you to buy or sell Breakouts, or buy at Support level and sell at Resistance level.

Your timing with trades will also depend on indicators and trading signals, so establishing a system and routine will increase your chances of success.

The trick is to be consistent, plan ahead, and avoid making impulsive decisions.


Trading strategies

There are many different ways to approach trading and it will depend on your style of trading, your income goals, your budget and your level of experience.

The strategy you use will outline your overall plan and it will reveal where you strengths and weaknesses are in terms of trading and funding.

A strategy does not guarantee success, but it certainly increases your chances of succeeding!

You can view our Trading Strategies Guide here.



Choosing a trading method is not the same as choosing a trading strategy, but both are needed if you want to be successful. The methods you use to trade will come into play once you have chosen your trading strategy, which is the ultimate plan that you will use to achieve your trading goals. 

On the other hand, the method you use is the actions you take to accomplish your goals, and how your strategy is applied to your tradin[g activities.

Using methods consistently will help you to establish a routine, and once you have a routine it will be easy to become disciplined towards trading.


Market instruments

In the world of trading, an instrument is a tradeable asset, and the most common assets include Forex, Metals, Commodities, Crypto, Indices, Energies, Gold, Silver, and Stocks. These assets can easily be converted into cash and are lucrative and liquid investment options on small or large scales.

Choosing the right market instruments may be one of the most important steps in becoming a successful trader because instruments behave differently depending on market conditions, economies and exchange rates. 

You would either have to choose a strategy and find instruments that will align with it, or select instruments you want to trade and develop your trading strategy around the behaviour and characteristics of those instruments. 


Risk management

Managing your financial risks will expose you to fewer risks emotionally and physically. There are many different types of risks associated with Forex trading, but investing real money can affect your personal and family life, so risk management should definitely be a priority in trading because there is always a risk!

Luckily, there are many tools available and most regulated brokers will restrict the leverage you can use when trading. You can also utilize Stop-losses and Take-profits to control your trades.

Impulsive trading exposes you to more risks, so never make a trade on a hunch, unless you have plenty of experience and a vast understanding of markets and instruments!



Your behaviour determines your success because if you have a negative mindset, obsess over making profits, or if you allow every failure to set you back, you will not get very far in Forex, or in any area of your life. The characteristics below can be used to describe some of the most successful Forex traders:


Patience and Discipline

As with any other investment, earning profits will take time. The purpose of using a strategy is to indicate how long it will take to reach the milestones in your plan, but there is no shortcut in Forex and rushing the process will only result in financial losses and disappointment.


Realistic expectations

Many unsuccessful traders give up after the first loss because they make a huge deposit and expect a huge profit in return. The truth is, even if you make big investments, profit is not guaranteed because markets change and the behaviour of trading instruments is unpredictable because of the way economies change over time. 

It is important to remember that you can make a huge profit with a small investment if you follow a solid strategy and if you have done your research and make calculated, informed decisions. 

Some traders might say that you can make a profit from luck, but it is unlikely that you will be lucky every time you invest money, so be careful not to set your expectations too high!



Once you have developed your strategy and implemented your methodology, it is important not to doubt yourself and stick to what you know. If you have a routine and are disciplined, it will be a lot easier to stay motivated to succeed. Making impulsive decisions will lead to disappointment because it was not part of your plan, so remember to stick to your plan and always have a recovery plan.



The 30 Best Forex Accounts to follow on Instagram are proof that Forex traders can be successful, but all of them admit that it is a challenge at first and requires a lot of time and dedication to succeed. They also acknowledge that you will lose money along the way, but most of them agree that the journey to success and financial freedom is what matters.

A good place to start would be choosing a few liquid, stable instruments to trade with. You can then research them and chart their timeframes and chart patterns over time, and then you can decide what methodology and strategy to use in response to their behaviours in different market conditions.

Making uninformed decisions can come at a great financial loss, so make sure you understand how Forex works before using real money! 



Remember, 75% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs and there is a high risk of losing your capital in the forex markets.

The information on this website is in no way intended to be used as financial advice and opening an account with any broker is done at your own discretion and risk.