15 Best Forex Robot Traders

Best Forex Robot Traders

Automating your Forex trading can be an overwhelming task, but you can choose from this list of the 15 Best Forex Robot Traders to monitor market trends, automate trading activities, scan for entry/exit positions in markets, and perform calculations and trades based on your preferred parameters.

Forex EAs are not only used by experienced traders and some packages include a free version that can be used with regulated Forex brokers. Expert Advisors are usually plugged into popular trading platforms, such as MetaTrader and TradeStation. 


1000pip Climber System

The 1000pip Climber System is designed to monitor price movements and notifies traders once big movements are detected.

All robots are based on accurate calculations and performance results have been verified by myfxbook.

The 1000pip Climber System is entirely automated and rules-based, and the software is suitable for beginners. New traders also receive a user guide with the installation.

Entry and Exit points are automatically detected and Stop Loss and Takeprofit values are determined.


1000pip Climber System Features

  • Informative notifications and trading signals
  • Complex, advanced algorithms can be used
  • Ideal for Forex traders on a budget
  • Algorithms have been tested


1000pip Climber System Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
4.7/5 Trustpilot rating Only customer support channel is email
Reasonable prices Only compatible with MetaTrader
User-friendly interface
Many positive customer reviews


Algo Signals

Algo Signals is partnered with regulated Forex brokers to ensure its transparency and the client’s security.

Traders can use demo accounts to test the platform without using any real money, and 3 flexible account types are offered.

Traders are guaranteed that their risks will be minimized, as long as they are using Stop Losses and Takeprofit orders.

Algo Signals is ideal for traders using strategies who want updates in market conditions and signals for profitable entry/exit positions in markets.


Algo Signals Features

  • More than 100 signals delivered daily
  • Traders can access servers where signal software works optimally
  • VPN mode allows for Algo Signals to be set up automatically
  • Traders can use the tool fully automated or manually


Algo Signals Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
2% daily profit based on algo signals Not ideal for small-volume traders
Plans designed to align with budgets
Positive customer reviews


Forex Fury

Forex Fury is an advanced Forex robot that is compatible with MT5, FIFO and NFA.

Risk strategies can be set to low, medium and high and ECN support is provided.

This software works with any MT4 or MT5 Forex broker, most of which are regulated, and clients can trade with any currency pairs, Indices and Crypto assets.

The one-time payment for Forex Fury buys a lifetime membership and minimum deposits start as low as $0 on a demo account and $100 on micro-accounts.


Forex Fury Features

  • Can be integrated with Mt4, NFA and FIFO
  • Ideal tool for wealth management
  • Bots trade for one hour every day based on market volatility
  • Low-risk trading strategies are provided


Forex Fury Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Quick profits in one hour  Bots trade for only 1 hour per day
Easy to install and use No free trial or version available
Tested and developed continuously
Multiple currency pairs can be traded


Big Breakout EA

Big Breakout EA is compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5, and it is ideal for Commodity traders who need indicators on price behavior.

Big Breakout EA performs best when used alongside a Breakout Strategy, and the best entry/exit points will be identified by monitoring Resistance levels.

Traders can monitor price actions and behaviour using advanced tools, while also enjoying the wide range of trading features provided by MetaTrader. 


Big Breakout EA Features

  • Highly compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Binary processes are used for decision-making
  • Algorithms can be rented on a monthly basis


Big Breakout EA Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Unlimited features on demo and live accounts Trading history cannot be verified
Many currency pairs to choose from
All lot sizes supported
User-friendly interface


BinBot Pro

BinBot Pro’s trading algorithms are designed for Binary Options traders.

The trading process is entirely automated when using this software, from researching markets and instruments, to monitoring market trends and providing forecasts on trends.

Bots are provided based on the trader’s budget, profit goals and trading strategies.

A Return on Investment of 125% was reported by active traders.

BinBot Pro is fully automated, but traders can manually control trades and trading limits if they choose to.


BinBot Pro Features

  • BinBot Umbrella provides a variety of robots for portfolio management
  • Software can be integrated with some brokers
  • Great customer reviews


BinBot Pro Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Bots are sed to monitor portfolios Minimum deposit is high
High returns of up to 200% Other instruments not accommodated for
Investments from $0.1 per trade Customer support cannot be reached telephonically or via live chat
Website is user-friendly



Centobot is a Cryptocurrency robot with a great range of automated trading features and robots are created based on your income goals. 

Centobot does not operate with regulated Forex brokers, but advanced indicators are offered and there are robots for each major Crypto coin.

Centobot has received 3 rewards and customer support can be reached via email and live chat.


Centobot Features

  • Returns as high as 300% have been reported
  • Expert CopyTrading robots do all the work
  • Micro trading facilitated
  • Bot are fully customizable


CentobotPros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Ideal for beginners Only Binary options trading supported
Many robots to choose from
High returns for existing customers



Coinrule enables traders to use automated Crypto trading robots and has partnered with more than 10 other Crypto companies to create beginner-friendly trading software.

Traders can choose from 4 types of flexible accounts and can use 12 regulated Cryptocurrency exchanges that are compatible with this plugin, such as Bitstamp, Poloniex, Kraken and Binance.

Coinrule sends free trading signals to subscribers so that strategies can be adjusted. Traders can test bot rules in a real-time market environment to evaluate performance.


Coinrule Features

  • Multiple account options and the option to use a free trial
  • More than 130 trading strategies provided
  • Comprehensive library of educational material 


Coinrule Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Beginner-friendly  blogs seem outdated
Platform is well-developed and professional Unclear whether Coinrule is regulated
Instruction manuals and guides  provided
Easy to set up



CryptoRocket accounts have encrypted crypto wallets and this software is designed for private Crypto traders and CFD Forex traders.

CryptoRocket offers a maximum leverage of 1:500 and trades are executed using STP (Straight Through Processing) systems.

Traders have access to all Forex currencies, Metals, Futures, Crypto and Commodities.


CryptoRocket Features

  • 30 Cryptocurrency pairs offered
  • 55 Currency pairs offered
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4
  • Web CRM can be used to handle funds


CryptoRocket Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Flexible payment options Limited product offering
STP trading
BTC can be used to deposit and withdraw funds
Wallets are encrypted


EA Builder

EA Builder can be plugged into MetaTrader 4 and 5, and TradeStation. Traders have access to automated trading systems with customer arrows, alerts and technical analysis tools.

EA Builder clients have the option to develop indicators and strategies for a wide range of instruments, including ETFs, Futures, Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Forex.

Code generated by EA Builder can be read by humans and a variety of money management tools are offered to protect traders from huge losses. 


EA Builder Features

  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5, and TradeStation
  • Advanced tools offered
  • Arros and alerts can be customized
  • Code generated is Human Readable and can be downloaded


EA Builder Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Educational resources provided Automated strategies only available for upgraded account
Unlimited indicators can be created
User-friendly manuals and platform
Only one payment for full access


Flex EA

Flex EA is a multi-feature trading package that works on MetaTrader 4 and 5, with money management features and 12 tested trading strategies to use.

All currency pairs are supported by Flex EA and this product has been verified by Myfxbook. 

Flex EA has been rated one of the best Expert Advisors (EA) since 2012 and accommodates all styles of trading.


Flex EA Features

  • Rated one of the best trading robots
  • Runs on MetaTrader 4, using Virtual Trades
  • Robot is built to determine the perfect entry points


Flex EA Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Regulated by the NFA Not beginner-friendly
3 flexible account types Website needs to be upgraded
Unlimited demo accounts


Forex Cyborg

Forex Cyborg was built by Professional Forex traders, for professional Forex traders.

Traders can choose between Gold and Premium accounts, both of which have 18 bots for 18 currency pairs and unlimited demo licenses.

Premium accounts offer 3 real licenses and this software can be plugged into MetaTrader 4.

Forex Cyborg can be used with Darwinex, which is a regulated Forex Broker.


Forex Cyborg Features

  • Return rate increased by 77% using MetaTrader4
  • Lifetime updates and support
  • 18 currency pairs can be traded simultaneously
  • Traders can choose between the Forex Cyborg Gold account and then Forex Cyborg premium account
  • Premium account can facilitate trading on multiple accounts


Forex Cyborg Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Fully automated bots and services Fee payable for registration
Premium packing applies to multiple trading accounts Not beginner-friendly
Demo accounts can be used
18 currency pairs supported


Forex Diamond EA

Forex Diamond EA was founded in 2013 and it is compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5.

This software performs best when using a Signal Strategy, a Countertrend Strategy or a Scalping Strategy.

Forex Diamond EA protects traders against high Slippage and combines it with Spread Protection to assist traders with risk management.

Forex Diamond EA is an advanced self-updating robot that monitors market conditions and always stays updated with market news.


Forex Diamond EA Features

  • Competitive pricing to accommodate for all types of traders
  • Integrates with MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • A unique offering of a 60-day money-back guarantee


Forex Diamond EA Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
More than 10 years of experience Only one real-money account per license
Recovery factor of +40 Currency pairs are limited to 4
Test 3 strategies proven to increase returns


Forex Gump EA

Forex Gump supports 9 major currency pairs and 2 subscription options that can be used on low, medium or high settings.

This software has been tested for two years and payment methods accepted are PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

No education resources are provided and there is no free trial, but a 30-day money-back guarantee is given.


Forex Gump EA Features

  • Accounts range from $40 to $40,000
  • Settings for trading are High, Middle and Low
  • 9 Major  currency pairs supported


Forex Gump EA Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Operational 24/5 Currency pairs are lacking
Userfriendly platform and bots 100:1 Leverage might be required for optimal performance
Focuses on market evaluation and implementation


Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy is an easy-to-use currency pair scanning tool that can scan all pairs to detect favourable market trends. 

Traders are notified by trading alerts and via email, and the interface is user-friendly with a bird’s-eye view of timeframes and Forex trends.

Forex Trendy provides advanced trend and pattern recognition software and traders have access to live charts, expert algorithms and trading signals.


Forex Trendy Features

  • Live charts of timeframes and trending currency pairs 
  • Interactive charts with auto analysis features
  • Performs based on price action
  • 306 charts can be generated based on 34 currency pairs


Forex Trendy Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
60-day money-back guarantee No indicators are used
User-friendly interface and design No trial version provided
Software is easy to install 
Advanced scanning 


FX-Agency Advisor 

FX-Agency Advisor is a trading robot that can be used to analyze market trends, switch between timeframes, monitor crossovers and set up alerts and trading signals.

In comparison to other trading suites, the features of this package seem limited, offering only the basics such as Bonds and Stocks, and risk management tools that can be used with alerts and notifications.

No free version is offered by a one-time fee of $549 is payable.


FX-Agency Advisor Features

  • Multi-asset trading software, including Metals, Stocks and Futures
  • Momentum and Trend filters can be customized
  • All currency pairs can be monitored simultaneously 
  • Simplistic layout
  • Compatible with many devices, as well as MT4


FX-Agency Advisor Pros and Cons

✔️Pros ❌Cons
Chart period can be changed No free version
Bird’s eye view of trading instruments Traders must pay to access the software
Beginner-friendly, easy to read tables
Audio alerts and signals



Choosing a trading bot depends on your trading strategy, your level of experience, your income goals and budgets, and the purpose of using it..

Trading Robots use algorithms that perform based on calculations and historical data, usually to predict future price movements and detect profitable trading opportunities.

Using one of the 15 Best Forex Robot Traders will significantly increase your productivity and chances of success.

Good luck with your trading!



Remember, 75% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs and there is a high risk of losing your capital in the forex markets.

The information on this website is in no way intended to be used as financial advice and opening an account with any broker is done at your own discretion and risk.